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Coffee Bean History

People may say that they can not start the day, without a cup of coffee. Most people admiring coffee as the most precious drink in the world. Not only merely served it in a hot or cold way but coffee also comes as a favorite flavor in a cake or even cookies too.

Coffee is commonly known as the universal language that will make the discussion, meeting or even the heart to heart communication will be much better. In every home, you may find many kinds of coffee from the cheap instant coffee up to the most expensive ground coffee.

Nowadays, drinking coffee has been considered as a way of lifestyle. For the 9 to 5 people, they tend to buy coffee twice a day. They usually drink coffee before starting their work and 2nd cup will be around 2 PM (when they need secondary caffeine kicks).

Coffee brewing itself has a new standard since people start to get their uniqueness of coffee taste. Different coffee bean source, different roasting, and the different brewing method will lead to the different unique taste. Somehow, it makes coffee has its own unique market.

Coffee in the world

There are no strong shreds of evidence when and where did the first coffee consumed by humans. Some people said that in Africa, a cattleman founds out his goats showing an energy boost after eating some wild berry. It was mentioned that his goats showing no fatigue even though they just have had daily routine activities.

Coffee was considered as one the favorite drink in the Middle East since the terms of coffee itself was derived from qahwah (Arabic word) or people will refer from kaveh (Turkish word for coffee).

The long journey of coffee was started in 1616 whenever the Dutch scientist succeeds in the cultivation of the coffee plant. His work continues in 1670 whenever coffee was cultivated in Dijon, France but apparently failed to grow.

The dutch finally bring the coffee to tropical countries like India and Indonesia. In 1715, there was the coffee plantation in Haiti and also Santo Domingo. During this period of time, the coffee cultivation gained success and the coffee finally spread into South America.

Another scientific evidence was found in Mexico, precisely in 1791 whenever the first coffee was planted in a field. In the same year, it was reported that people will buy a pound of coffee for 2 shillings and 3 pence in New York.

The coffee business finally going known widely and in 1900 there were more than 90 firms that importing coffee beans (green coffee) in the United States of America (USA). Most of the firms were located in San Francisco and the other cities like New Orleans and Philadelphia.

Following the green bean export and import escalation number, the coffee bean roasters and grinders were developed and became the high demand in business. R.C Wiliams & Co is one of the most famous roasters in New York. First, in 1811 they start their roaster business as Mott & Willam before becoming the famous one in 1821.

Along with tea, coffee became a famous drink in the United States of America (USA) and lead to a new business: a coffee house. This type of business always grows up to now and cafe which serves the best coffee still able to survive. In the subway, bus terminal, shopping mall or airport, you will be able to find a cafe that sells coffee.

Coffee in Indonesia

The history of coffee in Indonesia was established whenever the Dutch East India Company called VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) colonialism exist. History was made by the Java Coffee in 1700-is whenever the coffee plant was planted in Java and sent to Amsterdam Botanical Garden.

Coffee in Indonesia not only planted in Java island but also in Sumatra, Timor, up to the Celebes and Bali. The Dutch effort on cultivating coffee in Indonesia is successful since the coffee itself still became the famous products of Indonesia up to now.

There are three main coffee planted in Indonesia: Arabicas, Robustas, and Liberica. However, only two species are widely grown in Indonesia: Arabicas and Robusta. The uniqueness of soils in Indonesia affecting the taste of coffee itself. For example, Gayo arabica’s coffee from Sumatra will taste different compared with Kintamani arabica’s coffee.

The ground coffee business in Indonesia has reached a huge success since able to strike more than USD 1.9 billion export in 2015. The main export destination is the United States of America (USA) with USD 181.15 million. The second destination of Indonesia’s coffee is Japan with USD 104.6 million. Other countries are Germany, Italy, and Malaysia.

The coffee business also grows in a good pattern in Indonesia. There are many local and international coffee vendors in every city in Indonesia. Moreover, not only the modern coffee shops but also the old classic coffee shop still attracts lots of customers. It’s a good sign that the coffee business is considered as one of the most promising businesses in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s coffee has many loyal customers since it has unique flavors based on the coffee plantation. This kind of uniqueness is kind of a privileged one since it is impossible to grow the same flavor outside the specific plantation.

For example, Sumatra’s Mandheling and Aceh Gayo coffee beans are famous for their unique tastes and their market is always growing. CV Buah Berdikari, a professional coffee trading, and coffee exporting company is able to deliver the high grade of coffee especially the Sumatra’s Mandheling and Aceh Gayo coffee beans right into your door step.


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