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Coffee Offerings

Our Domain of Sourcing

Arabica Gayo

In the northernmost area of Sumatra, Aceh lies just above the equator, with its humid tropical climate punctuated by the Barisan Mountain highlands. Depending on elevations ranging from 1,200 to 1,600 meters above sea level, our partner farmers are qualified to produce a variety of Arabica varietals, including Bourbon, Tim Tim, Ateng, Super, and Catimor. WIth a long inherited culture of coffee cultivation, the native Gayonese have become well known for a distinctive coffee with the characters of syrupy body, medium acidity, and notes of brown spice, sweet orange, and grapefruit.

Grade: 1 TP, 1 DP, 2 , 4 Processing: semiwashed

Arabica Mandheling

Mandheling coffee is named after the Mandailing people that traditionally farmed and processed the coffee beans in the Tapanuli region. Its popularity eventually reaches the global market and the name later on sparks many inquiries among merchants about purchasing Mandheling coffee from Sumatra. These coffee were brought to the island in the early 19th century in an attempt to break the near monopoly on coffee beans from other parts of the world. Mandheling coffee is grown in altitudes of 2,500 to 5,000 feet. Character-wise, Mandheling coffees have full body, medium acidity, and eathy notes of chocolate, nutty, and red fruits.

Grade: 1 TP, 1 DP, 2 , 4 Processing: semiwashed

Robusta Sumatra

With its topography that consists of mountains and hills with very cool air, coffee is one of the leading commodities in the Sidikalang region in North Sumatra. Folklore has it that this particular coffee is capable in repelling debts away. It originates from a time when there were crises in the country, and the coffee farmers were able to make a good living only by nurturing this commodity. Sumatra Robusta is famous for its fragrance and strong taste. With its special characteristic of bold and bitter, this Sumatra Robusta is perfect to be included in your full power cup of coffee.

Grade: 1, 2 , 4 Processing: Natural

Commercial Grade

Aside from the premium quality coffee green beans, we also possess the supply capacity of commercial grade coffee to fulfill your manufacturing needs.

  • Origin : Indonesia
  • Packing : 60 kg Jute bags
  • Payment : L/C, Bank Transfer
  • Price/Terms : FOB, CNF, CIF (Negotiable)
  • Loading Port : Belawan Port
  • Sample : Available upon request

Sample Terms

We are ready to send samples for your approval. We give our best to accommodate your need. Upon final agreement on prices, we will send sample accordingly.

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