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Espresso is a coffee that can’t be separated from a variety of other coffee menus. This coffee, which most people are reluctant to consume directly with no addition of flavor, has many variations, and one of them is the espresso romano.

Espresso, usually served thick, bitter and in small portions it’s usually served with other ingredients. There are all sorts of coffee menus that use espresso, none other than americano, cafe latte, cappuccino, etc.

So what about this particular espresso romano? How does it taste? Check more of this article to find out.

What’s Espresso Romano?

Espresso Romano, in its simple terms, is a pure espresso served with slices of lemon. However, apart from its simplicity, the identity of this coffee still floats in ambiguity.

Why? That’s because this espresso comes in different names in different countries. Not only that, the recipe of the romano also causes confusion. All thanks to its different amount of preparations.

Reported by perfectdailygrind.com, espresso romano is made by combining a shot of espresso with a slice of lemon or lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar. The lemon wedges can be squeezed or dripped into the coffee and – sometimes sweetened too. The simple beverage espresso romano can be enjoyed hot,

In Italy, espresso romano is called caff canarino or caffé al limone. Locals claim that the espresso romano was invented in the town of Giugliano, where the espresso romano is the city’s signature drink.

Espresso Romano‘s History!

Despite using the name Romano, which means Roman, there is no strong evidence that Romano Espresso originated in Rome or Italy. Also, despite the name, there are many conflicting stories regarding the origins of espresso romano .

Some people claimed that it was an American invention given a fake Italian heritage to attract tourists. Others claimed that the drink was invented in France. well there is no definitive evidence that it was historically Italian, there are stories to suggest that the drink may have originated there. This isn’t far-fetched considering Italia’s role in the coffee industry.

Italians have been drinking coffee brewed in a moka pot or espresso machine for decades. The espresso machine was invented in the early 20th century and the marker part in the 1930s. Both are Italian inventions. However, in the early 20th century, thanks to the first and second world wars, there were import restrictions in Italy.

During the crisis, Italians were forced to consume cheap instant coffee with a bad taste different from the current instant coffee. After the second world war, of course, it will still take time to restore trade, and coffee is no exception. From here it is said that the Italians used lemon in their coffee to reduce the foul taste of the instant coffee they consumed.

Another version of the story of the relationship between espresso romano and Italy was during the second world war in the midst of a water crisis. At that time they used lemon to clean their cutlery. Now, somehow in some Italian coffee shops, this peculiarity is used as an ingredient in their menu. That would be an espresso served with lemon wedges.

The Taste And Benefits of Romano Espresso

Dr Wilton Soares Cardoso, a professor and doctor at Instituto Federal de Educação Brasil, Ciência e Tecnologia via perfectdailygrind.com says that when combining espresso and lemon, the sharpness and acidity of the lemon are effectively balanced by the intensity and bitterness of the espresso, and vice versa.

When lemon and coffee are combined it is best that both ingredients are of high quality. Among drinkers, Romano espresso is also set to have the ability to reduce the effects of hangovers. caffeine naturally has vessel constrictive properties, which helped believed headaches while the essential oils and lemon eat digestion and speed up metabolic function.

How Do You Make A Espresso Romano ?

Werokitchen.com reported that to prepare a cup of espresso romano , you need a shot or two of espresso or use a moka pot, then serve with a touch of lemon and sugar.

You can also squeeze a little lemon juice into the espresso. Make sure that the espresso you make has a good taste. And a good taste you can get through getting high quality coffee beans!

A little lemon will add to the brightness of the espresso’s taste and soften the bitter taste produced by the espresso itself. Your espresso romano will surely look and taste classy!

Don’t forget to drink your coffee healthily and happily!

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