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what is single origin coffee

What Is Single Origin Coffee?

As a coffee lover, you must have ever heard about the trending single origin coffee. But hearing about it is just not enough. As a true coffee enthusiast, one must know the meaning behind single origin coffee. Let’s hear more about it. Single origin coffee is a term that refers

black coffee vs americano vs long black

Recognize the Difference Between Black Coffee VS Americano VS Long Black!

Many people have found themselves confused on the difference between Black Coffee VS Americano VS Long Black. Although they are all kind of similar in coffee shops, they are definitely not the same! What sets the three apart? How about the taste? Let’s find out through the article below! Black Coffee VS

What Is AEKI, the Indonesian Coffee Exporters Association?

Meet AEKI, the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters

Previously, we have discussed about the organization of SCAI, the Specialty Coffee Association in Indonesia. This time, we will introduce about AEKI or the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters. The coffee industry in Indonesia is inseparable from the export activities of the commodity itself. exports in coffee are very closely

how to run a coffee shop for dummies

How to Run A Coffee Shop For Dummies

Drinking coffee is now a trend that has encouraged many to start their coffee ventures. Are you one of them? Learn how to run a coffee shop for dummies here! From the past until now, coffee is so popular all over the world, including in Indonesia. Because of its popularity,

kopi tiwus coffee

Get to Know Tiwus Coffee, the Star That Stole the Show in Filosofi Kopi Movie

Filosofi Kopi is a book by Dee Lestari, which has been adapted into a movie in 2015, which also has a sequel in 2017! It outlines the coffee industry in Indonesia in a way that is much understandable and acceptable to the general public. Through this movie, the coffee industry in Indonesia

omni roasting

What In the World Is Omni Roasting?

Before going deeper into this discussion did you know that coffee beans that have gone through the harvesting process can’t be immediately enjoyed? There are further stages and processing the beans into the cup that you enjoy. Do you think you know all the processes required to deliver your cup
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