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Coffee is no longer a kind of beverage that has limitation, but it has become a lifestyle practiced by many people. Not limited to that, the rising numbers of coffee consumption also birthed new ways people innovate with coffee. And one of them is about the invention of honey coffee

A variety of coffee menus, from combining them with milk, fruits, beers and even tea is commonly found. Not being left behind, honey is also used as a combination. Hence, the main topic of this article is honey coffee!  Honey is among the favorite combinations in the crowd.

Curious about this concoction? Wondering what sort of taste this combo produced? Let’s find out!

Before we go deeper into this article, ever wonder who created the trend of honey coffee in the first place? According to roastycoffee.com, the first person to do this honey coffee combo is not known. The most possible explanation is that it originates from the culture of coffee enthusiasts that love to experiment with different combinations. Not a surprise as these coffee aficionados have done other combos, such as adding salt, cinnamon and even nitrogen into their coffee!

Likewise, the use of honey is meant as a replacement for sugar/sweetener. It has been used in other beverages, like tea. However, is it any good in coffee?

Is Honey Good For You?

Surely you must have heard talks about the addition of sweetener in coffees? If not, then here’s the catch, adding sugar in coffee comes with a price.

Why so? Well, a healthy coffee isn’t supposed to be drunk with any sweetener.

The same applies for honey, the addition of honey in your coffee will increase the calorie content you consume. Worry not, because there are still plenty of benefits from using this alternative.

Honey Coffee VS Coffee with Sugar

Did you know? roastycoffee.com wrote that honey has more calories than sugar. Honey also affects blood sugar the same way a regular sugar would. One teaspoon of honey is around 21 calories, while a sugar cube has only 12 calories.

Well if the case above is true, honey having more calories than a sugar cube, then why is honey considered the healthy choice? How does it pair with coffee? 

Amidst the talk about health benefits, one couldn’t only view calorie count as the only aspect.

We have to look deeper into what these sweeteners could do.

Here are facts referenced from roastycoffee.com about what makes honey a healthier choice than sugar:

Honey contains antibacterial properties

Because honey is made from pollen, it has antibacterial properties to fight seasonal allergies such as cold, strep throat, or headaches.

Honey alongside coffee is rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants help with killing “sick” cells in your body. Too many of these sick cells could eventually bring negative effects, so replacing sugar with honey can be beneficial.

Honey provides multiple vitamins and mineral

Honey is one of the few natural sweeteners to have vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and vitamin C.

Benefits of Adding Honey in Coffee

Reported from ottencoffee.co.id, several exercise diet menu reviews have mentioned that coffee and honey help in losing weight. Honey contains several valuable contents for healthy living, such as antibacterial agents, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Of course, to get the maximum amount of healthy contents, one must use natural/original honey harvested from real hives.

If you’re the type of person that avoids artificial sugars and additives, it is advised to use natural honey to gain the most of a honey’s nutritional benefits.

Energy Booster

Coffee for all we know is an energy booster on its own. However, the addition of honey will make it an even more effective charger for your day. The presence of honey affects the increased energy boosting effects of caffeine in the coffee. (if consumed well)

Lowering Risk of Oral Cancer

The antibacterial compound of coffee has a chance of reducing the risk of oral cancer. Honey also having an antibacterial compound also helps maximizing its effect. Not only oral cancer, drinking honey infused coffee also reduces the risk of colon cancer.

A study from Japan has found that the antioxidants in honey coffee consumed twice a day lowers the potency chance of colon cancer by 25%.

Increasing Stamina

Adding honey also improves one’s stamina!. If you ever feel fatigued or juiced out, a good cup of coffee enhanced with honey will bring you back on your feet again. 

Other than caffeine, contents in honey also brings its own benefits, such as:

Lowering Risk of Diabetes

Cited from Coffeeland, it is said that natural honey is known to have a low index of glycemic, which is good in suppressing hyperglycemia that leads to diabetes.

Preventing Obesity

A balanced routine of drinking honey coffee could also reduce risk of obesity. All thanks to the low glycemic index as previously mentioned. Choosing honey over sugar for coffee has the potential in preventing weight gain, specifically fat accumulation.

Preventing Diseases Such As Stroke and Heart Attack

Honey has nutrition needed to improve heart muscle strength. Also the fact that coffee can improve blood circulation, you could definitely use this coffee combo as a daily routine. Therefore, improving both your heart muscle strength and blood circulation!

To reap the benefits of coffee, surely you need good quality coffee beans! Feeling puzzled on where to get one? 

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That’s all for this article, farewell! Don’t forget! Drink your coffee healthily and happily

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