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To enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, coffee beans must go through various processes, one of which is roasting. Roasting is a process in which coffee beans that have been selected or sorted are roasted at a certain temperature. 

Usually, the taste of the coffee beans begins to emerge during the roasting process, depending on the origin of the coffee itself, flavors include fruity, chocolate, almond and spices.

Now that you’re familiar with what roasting is, you also need to know that roasting coffee isn’t just about evenly distributing colors of the coffee. There are certain things a rooster must pay attention to.

Because, if they are not careful in roasting coffee, unwanted things might happen, such as the beans being charred, damaged and so on. Therefore, roasting coffee is no laughing matter in the world of coffee.

Do you think you could have made coffee roasting mistakes? In this article we are going to summarize from different sources to see the mistakes people make during coffee roasting, keep scrolling to find out!

Coffee Roasting Mistake #1: Lack of Experience

Experience is crucial for any kind of work, and that does not exclude roasting coffees.

Without proper knowledge of coffee roasting, you could harm your clients, negatively impact the shop, and could also cause expensive damages on your roasting machines.

Therefore, for those of you who are new to the world of coffee roasting, don’t rush and explore as many things as you need to learn more about coffee roasting before you delve deeper.

Coffee Roasting Mistake #2: Losing Focus While Roasting Coffee

Concentration and focus are needed for roasters to get the perfect roasting result. This can be improved by managing your everyday roasting habits. As the saying goes, repetition is key.

Mistakes could occur if the roadster isn’t focused when roasting coffee, such as coffee beans that aren’t roasted according to the needs, orders, or the target. For example, you got an order of medium roast, if you weren’t focused, eventually your coffee beans would look charred and you’d end up with a dark roast. A complete 180 from your order.

That surely wouldn’t bring a good reputation to your shop, would it? so, focus is a must for roasters.

Coffee Roasting Mistake #3: Poor Understanding of the Machines’ Functions

Mastering a roasting machine well is very important. Mastering could help you get the most optimal result for your roast and avoid it being either overdeveloped (burned) or underdeveloped (still raw).

Additionally, regardless of the technique you use while roasting coffee, the machine must be preheated before roasting the coffee beans and should not be done in a hurry so that the quality of your roast would not decrease.

Coffee Roasting Mistakes #4: Going Against Between Batch Protocol

To get the requested quality coffee, roasters need to identify all the variables used so that they could be controlled and in accordance with standards.

Between batch protocol (BBP) is very important to reduce damage to coffee beans. If the drum of the roaster is hot, it will burn the raw coffee beans.

However, if the drum of the roaster is left to cool too long, it would take longer to get the first crack in the coffee beans. Therefore, BBP is the largest part of the coffee roast profile to minimize coffee being defects.

Coffee Roasting Mistake #5: Overloading Capacity of the Machine

In usual fashion, roasting machines have different capacities depending on the design. Roasters must be able to determine the maximum load point of the coffee roaster they use.

if the capacity overloads, it can hamper the overall maturity of the coffee beans. And because of that, not all coffee machines have the same heat accuracy. Therefore, don’t over capacitate the coffee roaster just to pursue your sales target.

coffee roasting mistakes #6: under loading capacity of the machine

An opposite to the previous statement, under loading happens when the condition of the roasting is below minimum.

If this happens, the temperature during roasting will be difficult to control because the intensity of the coffee beans are not exposed to the sensor from the thermometer.

Coffee Roasting Mistake #7: Skipping Cupping Test

if you’re not familiar with what copying is, basically it is a technique of tasting coffee during or after roasting. roosters have to do this technique with several other people to ensure that the flavor produced has a value based on feasibility.

If you ever feel rebellious to skip the cupping test, you may not know the taste of your coffee beans. In the end, you’d have to deal with a bad tasting coffee and a bad tasting review from your customer. Yikes.

Coffee Roasting Mistake #8: Using Inappropriate Tools

Pay attention to whether the tools and machines you used are appropriate or not. Because an old or damaged machine will not bring satisfactory coffee.

Due to that, you must control maintenance of your machines 1-3 months.

Coffee Roasting Mistake #9: Not Sorting Your Coffee Beans

In a way, sorting serves to determine the levels of damage the coffee beans have prior to roasting. damaged coffee beans can give off an unpleasant taste.

Sorting has two stages, namely sorting raw coffee beans and sorting coffee beans after roasting. Both processes aim to reduce or minimize damage and defects in your coffee.

In addition, it also prevents foreign objects, such as wood, stone, Sach yarn, or others before roasting. All done to ensure hygiene.

Those are 9 mistakes roaster made while roasting coffee. Could you have done this? Nevertheless, for anyone who is new or has been in the world of coffee roasting, mistakes are bound to happen, so don’t be too hard on yourself. However, it is a must to look for important details in roasting coffee to get the most perfect result and reduce levels of defects.

After all, good roasting results in good coffee. And to have good roasting, you’d need high quality coffee beans! Still wondering where you could get them? This website is just the right place.

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