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It is a well known fact for fitness enthusiasts to take supplements before and after doing their exercise routines. Though in recent years, there have been articles and recurring facts regarding the benefits of consuming coffee for increased health and wellbeing. Freshly brewed coffee (no sugar added) with its’ clean taste is believed to support your physical endeavors.

In addition, as what hellosehat.com stated, the act of coffee consumption prior to exercising is not an uncommon routine as it had been done by many in an effort to fend off fatigue.

Products used for consumption consist of coffees prepared in different ways, including but not limited to roasted and ground, instant, and as far as adding other substances to further enhance their supplements.

Approximately, how does coffee act as fitness supplements? Does it do any good if consumed prior and preceding physical activities?

Let’s find out!

Coffee Fitness Supplements

Impact On Overall Body

As previously known, coffee brewed from high quality beans, processed and consumed correctly would bring various benefits in health and bring good cause to one’s overall well being.

It has also been common knowledge that coffee comes with a high amount of antioxidants, bringing potential to coffee as a dieting aid, as well as lowering risks of dementia, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

On the other hand, one must not forget the caffeine content in these cups of Joe. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that reduces fatigue and increases awareness of those who have consumed a good amount of this particular substance.

While a considerate amount is tolerated, one must measure their intake of coffee, as over consumption of caffeine brings side effects such as headaches, increased anxiety, and physiological dependency.

Not only caffeine, the acid compound within coffees after the process of roasting or if the coffee is processed badly, could irritate digestive systems.

Effects of coffee towards human body has long been a discussion of endless pros and cons. Countless health related journals and research has been carried out to find out more about the scientific physiological effects of coffee.

As of now, we came to a conclusion that consuming coffee within a healthy amount, brewed with the correct procedure, without any addition of sugar won’t bring serious health hazards to our bodies.

Can Coffee Be Used As a Fitness Supplement?

Caffeine alone isn’t an unfamiliar sight in the world of fitness and sports. It has been linked upon increasing awareness and keeping the consumer in a wakeful state while doing physical exercise.

Did you know? There is actually an existing factory that manufactures supplements from coffee! Coffee was used as a base ingredient for fitness supplements all thanks to its’ ergogenic compound that improves work performance and stimulates perception, attentiveness, and focus.

Murilo Allan, Marketing Manager from Caffeine Army, a company centered in Brazil that produces coffee-based fitness supplements told perfectdailygrind.com, As all the ingredients we use are natural, they promote a boost in physical and cognitive performance without causing anxiety or excess energy.

What Are the Effects?

perfectdailyGrind.com reported that after caffeine has been consumed, it takes 40-50 minutes for its’ effect to take over the human body. However, this all depends on one’s caffeine tolerance, as some people are a lot more sensitive towards the chemical compared to the other sum.

Caffeine hits its peak in metabolism approximately two to three hours after consumption and could last in the human body for more or less four hours.

Consuming coffee and the caffeine within it for the purpose of fitness and exercise should be adjusted according to said exercise. That includes the time and method of consumption.

Eneko Aranaz, a Boxer and Personal Trainer stated through perfectdailygrind.com that he usually drinks cold brewed coffee as one of his fitness necessities. He further stated that cold brew is a lot more concentrated compared to other brews, which leads to his choice of this particular brew.

Safe Rules Upon Drinking Coffee While Doing Fitness and Sports

While the benefits coffee gives to the world of fitness and sport, there are still precautions and rules in using coffee as fitness supplements. According to hellosehat.com, there are 4 safe rules you have to mind:

  • Drink coffee one hour prior to exercising

Caffeine contained in coffees takes about half an hour to be completely absorbed by the body. Hence, the rule in drinking coffee an hour before to let the body absorb the brew.

  • No addition of sugar or milk

A good glass of milk should be left alone as is without being added to your coffee. The addition of milk in your espresso makes it harder for the stomach to process which leads to indigestion while you’re exercising.

  • Always hydrate with water

Water must alway0s be your main source of hydration. Coffee being diuretic causes your body to release fluid. So don’t rely on coffee as a replacement to sweet H2O.

  • Drink coffee and exercise routinely

Setting a schedule of exercise following a cup of coffee could give your body a chance to familiarize with your habit. In return, your body will become accustomed to your ways of starting your fitness routine.

There is no doubt that coffee comes with lots of benefits. A cup of joe as fitness supplements could give you the energy you just need to start your day with boosted energy, ready to face your future with more to develop yourself to become the best you.

But remember! Good coffee with good benefits comes only from quality beans. You can source the good quality Arabica Sumatra coffee by getting in touch with us. Click here to send us a message.

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