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The long process of coffee production starts with raw green beans. Don’t be shocked as this is the natural color of coffee beans, way before the beans hit the roasting process, hence its name of origin.

Despite being the first stage in the cycle of coffee production, there are lots of benefits these raw beans contain. Wondering what it could be? Let’s find out the green coffee facts!

Get To Know Green Coffee

According to mrocoffee.com, green coffee beans are raw beans from the plant Coffeea. Coffee beans are naturally green from its outer shell called a coffee cherry. In simple terms, green coffee beans are coffee prior to roasting that turn the beans green.

You might have seen plenty of times that supplements used green coffee as extract in the ingredients, but did you know that you could purchase them in one raw piece – in the form of beans and make coffee from the comforts of your home.

Reported from healthline.com, It is said that drinks extracted from green coffee have a whole different taste from your usual roasted black brew. How so? Because green coffee tends to give a much softer taste compared to the much stronger black coffee.

Did you also know? Some people claim the taste of green coffee is that of a herbal tea. That sure is far from the taste of coffee.

The process of getting the extract of green coffee has a slightly different process compared to the regular coffee served in a coffee shop. Instead of roasting, the green beans were soaked and later concentrated the juice to get the extract.

Green Coffee – Contents & Ingredients

Reported from lemarbet.com, green coffee beans contained several chemical profiles similar to regular coffee, that includes malic acid, citric acid, acetic acid, and many others.

It’s also said through healthline.com that green coffee beans host a good amount of chlorogenic acid – a compound with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects that gives good health benefits.

Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant with chemopreventive activities. A very common compound in coffee, sadly the amount of it shriveled through the process of roasting, contrary to the extracting method, where the compound within the green bean extract is held at a higher percentage.

Fun Facts About The Benefits of Green Coffee

Now we know how beneficial green coffee actually is! Despite being labeled as raw, it brings the same contents as a regular coffee if not more. However, none of the benefits are sure to happen if the process of making it isn’t done right.

Process aside, what just are the benefits of green bean coffee given to your body? Well, let’s find out.

#1 Does Green Coffee Have Anything To Do With Weight Loss?

Back in 2012, green coffee extract was promoted to help people shave pounds. Healthline.com reported that a lot of experts were against the thought of green beans having significance to weight loss.

From healthline.com, green coffee extract is marketed as a weight loss supplement, but the proof of efficacy to back it up is still not enough. In the end, plenty of research still needed to be conducted about the effectiveness.

As a matter of fact, green coffee itself doesn’t ensure having any weight loss properties. However, lemarbet.com reported that green coffee could be used as dietary products because of its ability to activate metabolism and has a diuretic effect that is good for the body.

#2 Could Green Coffee Reduce Risks of Chronic Diseases

Well, as a matter of fact, chlorogenic acid within green coffee does have the ability to reduce risks of chronic illness such as diabetes and coronary diseases.

Reported from healthline.com, research shows test done to 50 people with metabolic syndromes – a group of risk factors, including hypertension and abnormal blood sugar levels, that could cause risk for diabetes and coronary diseases – given 400 mg extract of green coffee without caffeine twice a day for eight weeks showed significant improvement of their health.

While results show satisfactory outcomes, there still needs to be extensive research to ensure the effects of green coffee.

Important note! Green coffee may be beneficial, but do limit your dosage of consumption! While there is no exact dose towards the usage of green coffee, several researchers have used a safe number, which is 400 mg green coffee extract twice everyday.

So how well do you know green coffee now? Interested to give your taste bud a little exploring?

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