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Drinking coffee is now a trend that has encouraged many to start their coffee ventures. Are you one of them? Learn how to run a coffee shop for dummies here!

From the past until now, coffee is so popular all over the world, including in Indonesia. Because of its popularity, now many entrepreneurs are starting their coffee businesses, ranging from roadside coffee shops, traditional coffee shops, to modern coffee shops. Indeed, having your coffee shop is a very promising opportunity for the future. Who doesn’t want to have their coffee shop?

In truth we as the boss. Everyone commonly thinks that the most important thing to build a coffee shop is the capital (a.k.a the fund) to start it.

However, not only capital, but your interests, intentions, and dreams as you start. If there was no proper motivation from the beginning, how would your coffee shop sell?

So, what are the tips for establishing or opening your coffee shop? For those of you who want to become a coffee entrepreneur, try to think about these tips. Summarized from various sources, here are the tips!

How to Run A Coffee Shop #1: Start with Intention

Well, the first tip is your intention to open a coffee shop. Because, if you don’t intend to open it, then what for? Everything that is done, of course, starts with intention and will. So, for those of you who want to open your coffee shop, don’t forget to make up your mind!

How to Run A Coffee Shop #2: Create a Business Plan

When your intention has firmed, the next step is to make a business plan. Gather all the questions you need to answer, such as your goal of opening a coffee shop business, who is your competitor, what unique things can be displayed from the coffee shop, how do you make a profit, and also who is your target customer.

In addition, don’t forget to take into account the capital money you will use. Also prepare steps to run your coffee shop business operations, such as how to promote it, who is the supplier for the coffee shop, and also the goals you want to achieve.

Undoubtedly, this business plan lends you a hand to be more focused on developing a business to open a coffee shop.

How to Run A Coffee Shop #3: Understand Your Target Market

You could say, this one tip is also essential for opening a coffee shop, namely who will be the target or target market for your coffee shop.

For example, you want to open a coffee shop in a public place for youths or millennial. Indeed, you have to make a coffee shop that is as attractive as possible and create a contemporary coffee menu to entice the youths.

In addition, you need to prepare many Instagram-able, colorful, classic, and cheerful decorations. However, if you prefer a coffee shop for office workers, you can add a menu with tea variants and snacks. Don’t forget to calculate the capital or budget that needs to be prepared so that expenses are well arranged.

How to Run A Coffee Shop #4: Find a Strategic Location

Therefore, this one is also crucial to prospering your coffee shop. Site your shop in crowded places, such as near malls, housing, offices, or places that are often passed by vehicles. Don’t forget to notice who your target market is.

Even more, the cleanliness and security of the location you choose are also very important so that your customers will enjoy and feel at home in the coffee shop.

How to Run A Coffee Shop #5: Look for a Skilled Barista

A barista must have good skills such as his attitude and the way he works. Because a barista must have an attitude that can socialize well with the customers.

In addition, some customers who come to your coffee shop want to learn insights about coffee. A barista must possess coffee knowledge in order to answer the questions informatively in a sincere, happy, and friendly manner.

This would of course make the customers feel comfortable and always wants to visit your coffee shop. Ain’t that right?

How to Run A Coffee Shop #6: Utilize Social Media for Promotion

Don’t forget to promote your coffee shop through social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. You can use influencers or YouTubers to increase the engagement with your coffee shop.

In addition, you can also look for a content creator to create unique content that can attract the attention of customers.

Create a website for a coffee shop and register food review sites so that your business is growing and selling well. Because the more you reach customers from social media, the more people can reach your coffee shop.

How to Run A Coffee Shop #7: Find a Trustworthy Supplier

To serve and make a delicious cup of coffee, you need to find a reliable supplier, starting from roasters that provide premium quality coffee beans and other suppliers.

It’s a good idea to find a supplier that is near the coffee shop location so that delivery is much faster and cheaper.

How to Run A Coffee Shop #8: Pay Attention to the Interior and Exterior Decorations

Even though the decoration functions as a sweetener for your coffee shop, if you don’t apply it, your coffee shop looks monotonous. Moreover, the customer likes the unique coffee shop, either interior or exterior decoration.

To get some inspiration about the decorations, you can visit some of the famous coffee shops in the area where you live, and also learn how they are successful.

How to Run A Coffee Shop #9: Learn Bookkeeping for Finance

If you decide to open a coffee shop, you must also have knowledge and insight about finance, especially bookkeeping. If you have more capital and are lazy to study finance, you can hire an accountant.

However, if you don’t have more capital or are mediocre, you can learn on your own. Because, learning finance is not too difficult, you just need accuracy and perseverance when calculating it. Not only that, but you can also attend business seminars that can be found on the internet.

How to Run A Coffee Shop #10: Don’t Hire Too Many Employees for Starting

Well, if you just opened a coffee shop, it’s a good idea not to hire too many employees. For a few months, you can invite your family or friends to start a business together. Slowly, if it starts to get crowded, then you accept new employees to help.

Don’t recruit employees carelessly, look for some articles or ask friends for tips on how to recruit good employees for your coffee shop.

Because, finding employees who are experienced in their fields is difficult, even though your prospective employees are very good at being interviewed.

How to Run A Coffee Shop #11: Be Enthusiastic and Never Give Up

The last tip is to never give up to achieve success. Because, to open your coffee shop, you need to struggle and there are many hurdles that you will face at the beginning.

However, these obstacles can be overcome with your passion and persistence in building a coffee shop.

Well, that’s a series of tips for how to run a coffee shop for dummies. Indeed, there are a lot of things to be prepared from the beginning to achieve success as a coffee business entrepreneur.

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