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coffee processing

How Types of Coffee Processing Affect Coffee Characteristic and Flavour

Coffee processing is one of the longest part from coffee production. There are many stages that have to be gone through before we can enjoy our daily cup of coffee. Starting from coffee cherry harvesting, processing, drying, roasting, and others before becoming the cup of coffee that we consume every

ICO’s Report on Coffee Prices during Covid-19 Pandemic

Lessons Learnt from ICO’s Report on Coffee Prices during Covid-19 Pandemic

Greetings from Sumatra, Indonesia! How are you doing? We hope that all of us are doing fine in this pandemic. Let us remain aware and cautious, and exercise physical distancing all the time. Recently, we have read an official report from International Coffee Organization regarding to the high volatility in

Arabica Coffee green beans

Introduction to Arabica Coffee: Origin, Health Benefits, and Ways to Savor It

For coffee enthusiasts, the term ‘Arabica coffee’ is nothing new to the ears. With its consistent sweet flavor, it’s the perfect companion trip especially in one of those rainy evenings. Milder in flavor and believed to be the oldest coffee bean cultivated, Arabica’s production hit 104.39 million (60 kg bags)

Cupping Coffee

Cupping Coffee, a Quality Grading Process of Your Coffee Bean

There are several reasons why people love to drink coffee. First, they drink coffee because many people drink it. They consider it merely as an edgy trend among youngsters. Second, they love on how the caffeine kicks their body and boost their daily performance. Usually from students to the worker

coffee wave

Gain to Another Level of Taste through Coffee Waves of Evolution 

Coffee was historically first known as an edible bean since the farmer in Ethiopia found their goats consumed it and gain more energy afterwards. Since then, humans try their best to consume coffees to improve its taste to fulfill their satisfaction level from time to time. There are three wave

Coffee cherry

Coffee History: The Bean’s of Your Morning Kicks

Coffee Bean History People may say that they can not start the day, without a cup of coffee. Most people admiring coffee as the most precious drink in the world. Not only merely served it in a hot or cold way but coffee also comes as a favorite flavor in
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