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Perhaps you’ve heard of the term specialty coffee, a name not unfamiliar in the ears of coffee savvies. Specialty coffee is indeed a common topic within the coffee industry.

The term coffee specialty is used to determine the quality of coffee beans alongside with its brewing. The importance of understanding these specialty coffees has shaped all coffee-centric organizations around the world. In which, the international scale of the organization is called the Specialty Coffee Association; also known as the SCA.

Speaking of the SCA being an international association, Indonesia happens to have an organization similar to SCA. Yes! A kin to the international assemblage, this one is called Specialty Coffee of Indonesia, better known as SCAI.

So, what exactly is the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia? What’s in the organization and what role do they play within the community? Well, let’s get to know them better!

What is SCAI?

SCAI is a trade union that accommodates stakeholders in the coffee industry in Indonesia, covering farmers, coffee manufacturers, bean roasting factories, baristas, traders, exporters, coffee shop owners, retailers, as well as government and private sectors.

Got a hunch you heard the name SCAI elsewhere alongside other trade union associations? Well your hunch was right because SCAI is a part of the global network from the international SCA!

SCAI was formed with a goal to improve Indonesia’s coffee in terms of quality and quantity. With its’ slogan “Istimewa dalam Keberagaman” which could translate to excellence in diversity. A perfect slogan reflecting the diverse and distinguished flavors of coffees grown and produced in Indonesia.

The slogan also brings a meaning of fertility; from the west of Sabang to the east of Merauke, The soil of Indonesia brings all kinds of profiles of coffee, unique to its’ taste depending on where it’s grown within this archipelago.

History of Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia

2007, the year when a group consisting of coffee bean farmers, exporters, roasters and retailers decided to band together to form Asosiasi Kopi Spesial Indonesia. A year later, SCAI was established with its membership open to all individuals, institutions and communities who share an interest in specialty coffee (Arabica was the only specialty available formerly, though now has expanded with Robusta) from Indonesia.

Similar to SCA, SCAI too has members of all chains in production of coffee in Indonesia, with the same vision and goal in mind.

Fun Fact

SCAI also affiliates itself with the Industrial Ministry of Indonesia Republic! Which shows the support the government has for the development of the coffee industry in Indonesia.

What Mission Does the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia Upholds?

As an organization that represents the actors and the coffee industry itself in Indonesia, SCAI certainly has missions to reach its’ main goal; none other than: 

  • Ensure quality, quantity, and market price of specialty coffees in Indonesia
  • To become an effective source or forum as a mediator and facilitator for all its’ members involved to find source of income and lead a better life.
  • Lending knowledge through the act of education in levels of cultivation, process, certification of taste examination (Q and R Grader), certification of coffee bean (Q Coffee License) and marketing of gourmet coffees in both local and international markets.

What Are the Programs Available from SCAI?

SCAI comes with programs of its own, separated into three, which includes Roasting, Brewing, Sensor, and Barista.

Want to know further? Check below for more!


In this program, SCAI does mentoring and helps with the basic understanding of roasting coffees. Kinds of learning modules covered include defects of roasted coffees, physical changes of coffee throughout the roasting process, and production management.

The program teaches about the basics of coffee roasting, from its roast cycle to controlling sensory aspects from the level of roasting. Not to mention, you will also be taught control quality management as well as calculating costs of production. All study ensures top efficiency.


This program encourages you to learn the hows of coffee brewing starting from grind profiles, matching the grind size with the method of brewing you’re using and most importantly, how to control coffee extraction.

The program teaches and educates all things brewing as well as its elements that affects brewing, methods and machines for coffee brewing.


Sensory program talks about sensory evaluation to maximize practicality and interactivity. This program also provides specialty coffee identification, not to mention applications of sensory science for business purposes.

The program gives knowledge regarding essence evaluation through sensory systems with practicality. Your sensory systems will be a great tool to identify and evaluate characteristics special to coffees.

Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) became an organization for the coffee industry in Indonesia. A one of a kind paradise perfectly made to weave connections both locally and internationally, bringing benefits for all parties involved in advancing the industrial sector of coffee in Indonesia.

You too could lend a hand in helping the coffee bean farmers in Indonesia. How so? You could start with something as simple as buying coffee beans through the direct trade system that connects to the farmers. Sounds complicated, but worry not as you don’t really have to meet the farmers directly! Sounds simpler again because it is!

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