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Filosofi Kopi is a book by Dee Lestari, which has been adapted into a movie in 2015, which also has a sequel in 2017! It outlines the coffee industry in Indonesia in a way that is much understandable and acceptable to the general public. Through this movie, the coffee industry in Indonesia began to see an increase in recognition. The movie has paved the way for the coffee industry, one of which is very well known, Kopi Tiwus or Tiwus Coffee.

Does Tiwus Coffee really exist? What makes Kopi Tiwus so special? Read the article below and see what the deal was!

Filosofi Kopi; it’s Not Just Fiction!

Filosofi Kopi itself is the name of a coffee shop that exists not only in Jakarta but in several other cities in Indonesia. Filosofi Kopi is said to only provide the best Indonesian coffee. From the book and film adaptation by Dee Lestari, three of the most famous coffee names emerged, namely Kopi Lestari, Ben’s Perfecto, and Kopi Tiwus.

For the avid readers and movie connoisseurs, of course, the three names of these coffees are a familiar sight.

  • Lestari Coffee is coffee whose seeds come from Bali Kintamani.
  • Ben’s Perfecto is a signature of Filosofi Kopi  with coffee beans originating from Ijen, East Java which was specially mixed by the main character, Ben.
  • And lastly there’s Tiwus Coffee, a simple but said to be the most delicious coffee from the origin of West Java.

Before going in further, let’s first identify the characteristics of coffee beans from West Java!

Characteristics of Coffee from West Java

Coffee beans originating from West Java tend to have a sweeter taste and are high in acidity. These characters appear to be influenced by several things, including the soil in the area where coffee is grown and post-harvest processing. Soil type will affect the characteristics of the existing coffee, for example in Tenjolaya, the soil pH reaches 4.5-5.6, which is also acknowledged to affect the acidity of the coffee produced later. There is also a sweet character that can also be influenced by soil, including fertility and altitude.

The post-harvest process, for example, coffee farmers in West Java will usually send the harvested coffee to the shelter (processing site) after a maximum of eight hours after it is picked. This is done to maintain the quality of the coffee beans.

Characteristics of Tiwus Coffee; The Best Tasting Coffee According to the Movie

Reported by femina.co.id, Tiwus coffee is grown in Ciwidey and Pengalengan, West Java. Tiwus coffee itself became widely known after Filosofi Kopi was released. Tiwus coffee, which was previously reserved to only Filosofi Kopi (the coffee shop), has begun to be marketed commercially.

Additionally, the processing also plays a role in shaping the taste of Tiwus Coffee itself. Reported by femina.co.id, the Tiwus coffee processing process uses semi wash, wet hulling.

Semi washed processing is defined as the processing of coffee beans after harvest (post-harvest) by using water that flows continuously which peels the skin of the fruit (note: done directly after harvest) using a coffee pulper machine.

Filosofi Kopi coffee shop also produces Self Drip Coffee made from Tiwus Coffee. The fans of Tiwus Coffee are not only due to the book and movie, but also thanks to the amazing taste Kopi Tiwus has to offer.

This coffee, known as the ‘Most Delicious Coffee’, has the following profiles:

  • Medium acidity. Unlike the characteristics of coffee from West Java which has a high characteristic of acidity, Tiwus Coffee has the characteristics of medium adicity or moderate acidity.
  • Strong body and aroma. The meaning of strong body is the taste of the thickness of the coffee that can be felt by the tongue when we sip while aroma is the term for the smell of coffee after brewing. The thickness of the coffee is usually affected by the roasting process of the coffee. Medium roasted coffee will have a heavier body.
  • Tasting notes: Dark Chocolate. When we consume coffee, an aftertaste follows. In the case of Tiwus coffee, it leaves an aftertaste similar to dark chocolate.

How Does Tiwus Coffee Taste Overall?

Tiwus Coffee is indeed the most iconic coffee from the shop. Tiwus coffee is said to be very suitable for manual brewing and roasted with a medium roast level.

One of the processing methods for Tiwus Coffee is using the manual brewing process with a V60. Through a process called blooming, in a water temperature of 90° Celsius, it will produce the taste of Tiwus Coffee; A balanced flavor between the acidity and sweetness with an aftertaste similar to dark chocolate. Not only through the blooming process, Tiwus coffee can also be brewed using the siphon method.

All right! That’s all about this one special cup!

During such hard times, it’s certainly difficult to visit the coffee shop Filosofi Kopi directly, added that it’s also not available in all cities. But worry not! You can still taste the sensation of West Java coffee that is no less delicious and special!

PS: Rumor has it that there will be a third sequel to Filosofi Kopi too!

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