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Before going deeper into this discussion did you know that coffee beans that have gone through the harvesting process can’t be immediately enjoyed? There are further stages and processing the beans into the cup that you enjoy.

Do you think you know all the processes required to deliver your cup of joe? One of the stages that everyone knows is roasting; a process of transforming raw green beans into roasted beans that are ready to be grinded.

Speaking of roasting, there are many ways in doing it, starting from the light roast vs dark roast, to the extent of omni roasting.

Omni roasting? What could it be? Well, we heard you and let’s discuss it in the following article.

What Is Omni Roasting?

Omni roasting is a derived method of roasting, where coffee beans that have been roasted in such a way that the beans can be made to coffee using various brewing methods.

Omni roasting holds the idea that different types of coffee can be used in any kind of brewing method, be it pressed (the French Press, etc.), filtered, espresso, or cold brew.

However, this doesn’t guarantee that every coffee will taste or suit the same using different brewing methods. 

For instance, the French press method accentuates the shape of the coffee and may produce a slightly fruity taste, while the espresso accentuates the acidity and citrus-like aroma.

Some Tips In Omni Roasting

Some roasters don’t change their roasting characteristics at all when omni roasting, as the goal is to find the optimal roast for their coffee.

Other than that, changing and finding the perfect taste when brewing coffee is the job of the barista.

The omni roasting technique relies more on the barista’s skills because some coffees, especially the light roast, tend to be more acidic when brewed as espresso.

For that, the barista is responsible for balancing the taste of their coffee, so that the acidity is kept low and at a minimum number when extracting the coffee.

On the other hand, this type of coffee is also dependent on the grinder because it needs to be grinded finely, so that it dissolves easily. Additionally , it also prevents formation of lumps in the grinder.

Another tip for omni roasting is to slow down the roasting process, as this can lower the acidity and increase the subtlety of the coffee.

Acidity in coffee has always been a problem which makes most coffee taste better foul when brewed to espresso. Therefore, slowing down the roasting process can help lower the acidity in the coffee, making it more soluble. 

However, this tip also has a drawback, namely that it can remove flavor from the coffee and gives off a darker appearance, even if it’s light roasted.

What Kind of Roast Gives Better Coffee?

Coffee beans that have been roasted to perfection are generally considered to have a number of characteristics, such as:

  • Coffee beans show certain characteristics/traits according to their place of origin.
  • Having a specific profile which can be identified objectively, such as chocolate, fruity, and others.
  • having a balance and rich flavor. Additionally, beans that are developed well without spoiling.
  • Lastly, the coffee beans are not too acidic or too bitter.

For every delicious coffee, there will always be certain characteristics that a roaster can choose from. Generally, a good roaster knows how to highlight the characteristics/traits of the coffee beans according to the needs of the coffee shop and customers.

When Should We Consider Omni Roasting?

The answer is of course! in the end, it all depends on who the roaster is selling the roast to. If a rooster roasts coffee beans for a coffee shop or is an experienced barista and has sophisticated espresso machines and grinders, it’s better for the roaster to consider first providing coffee from the omni roast technique.

However, if the intended customer is inexperienced or oblivious of coffee roasting techniques, it’s better for roasters to use a slower or lighter omni roast technique and make an easier extraction for them.

Overall, the omni roasting technique is a good and simple technique for customers. Moreover, with this technique, they can brew coffee with various brewing methods to produce their own delicious cup of joe.

That’s all we can share about omni roasting. If you are someone who has just entered the world of coffee or is still learning how to process coffee, it’s better to ask a professional roaster to roast a coffee for you with the omni roasting technique.

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