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Some of you may have been familiar with white coffee. a very popular Brew things to its taste and uniqueness. But how well do you actually know about white coffee?

Unknowingly, there are many who are confused about what white coffee is. Why?

While having a simple name, it is difficult for some people to interpret and understand what exactly is white coffee.

Roastycoffee.com reported that the reason for the difference in definitions is because white coffee is grown in various parts of the world. Since no new and creative labels like frappuccino emerged, coffee shops often left the definition of white coffee in ambiguity.

What exactly is white coffee?

The name of white coffee was taken not because of the amount of milk used or color of the mixture. white coffee itself is a type of coffee drink in which the coffee beans are roasted at the level of light and at a low temperature, far below the roasting standard.

The two kinds of white coffee often found came from Malaysia or Yemen. While both are white coffees, the roasting process differs in several ways, but both produce the same light roasts.

Unlike dark roasts, the light roasting process keeps the temperature at a low and the beans are left open for a much shorter time.

Coffee beans from Yemen are roasted at a temperature around 32°F or a low 163°C. this causes the roasted beans to look white when the roasting process is finished.

Fun fact: Light roast is also known as blonde roast.

As for what coffee from Malaysia, they are not exactly white when they are lightly roasted. Still, it is included in the category of light roast. In addition, during the roasting process, roasters usually use palm oil margarine instead of the combination of margarine, sugar, and wheat that is commonly used in the dark roasting process. This process produces a coffee that has a slightly caramelized taste.

Some Differences Between Yemeni White Coffee and Malaysian White Coffee

Though they are processed the same way and only have slight differences, still there are some noticeable traits that differ between both white coffees.

  • Malaysian white coffee, also known as Ipoh white coffee, does not refer to a specific bean, as many believe. instead, it simply refers to the roasting and preparation of the drinks.
  • Unlike the Malaysian variety, Yemeni white coffee looks closer to white without any additions, the coffee that has been roasted earlier is then mixed with one of the typical yemenis spices, namely hawaij.

In the end, both are similar in that they are light roasted coffee beans with unique ingredients added to the final brew.

The Flavor of White Coffee

White coffee has a very soft and sweet palette. The flavor of the coffee has a light and pure taste even after going through the roasting process.

Contents Within White Coffee

Some say that the caffeine content of white coffee is more than any other known types. This is because the roasting process that is carried out usually reduces the caffeine content. The longer the roasting (dark roasting), the last caffeine within the coffee. Hence the light roast done on white coffee results in more caffeine still contained in the beans.

Although, this is not entirely true.

Since light roasted coffee is denser than dark roast, measuring your coffee (not weighing it literally) will give you a slight variation in the content of caffeine present. However, the difference, even in the case of white coffee, isn’t that significant. The real difference comes from the types of coffee beans used instead (Arabica, Robusta, etc).

So, if you’re not exactly a fan of white coffee and would like to steer away because of the supposedly higher amount of caffeine, you aren’t doing anything exactly. the caffeine of white coffee will not be much of a difference from the regular black coffee you usually enjoy, or even no bigger than one shot of espresso.

The Benefits of Drinking White Coffee

White coffee is indeed good for health. According to Dr. Ben-Zion, as reported by thektchn.com, he calls that white coffee is a health elixir. This is due to the short roasting process. According to him, the longer the roasting, the greater the oxidation.

Did you know? The shorter the roasting process, the more collagenic acid will be produced which protects the cells of the human body from oxidation and implementation processes. Therefore, white coffee is believed to be good for health.

Several studies also have shown that this particular acid helps to improve cardiovascular health, glucose regulation, weight loss, and anti-inflammatory, and more.

However, it should be noted that these health benefits are only obtained from pure white coffee, not instant and with a mixture of rice ingredients.

Usually instant white coffee is added with sugar or other artificial sweeteners. Excess sugar consumption puts you at risk of metabolic disorders, difficulty in controlling appetite, and rise of blood sugar that could potentially lead to type 2 diabetes.

In conclusion, limit your consumption of white coffee to a maximum of two cups a day. You should also choose products that do not contain added sugar.

To ensure that you get the best health benefits out of your coffee, you obviously need high quality coffee beans! Still wondering where you could get them? If you are looking for premium Indonesian Sumatra beans? You have come at the right place. Just browse through our coffee offer page here.

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